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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors allow us to do what we do.  Through their generous donations, we are able to provide safe, secure and beautiful repairs for the vulnerable  Thank you to the following partners:

Home Depot
James Hardie 

For information on sponsorship opportunities, click here.

Our Matching Partners

Thank you to the following for matching gifts from our generous donors:


Goldman Sachs



If you or your organization is interested in become a matching partner, click here.

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Woodstock First Babtist Church.png

Thank you to the following Churches that have partnered with Helping the Elderly to find those who are in need of our assistance:

​Corporate sponsor news:

November 2020 - Home Depot  This retailer made a very generous discount for a ramp we completed in Marietta, GA. It helped us save hundreds of dollars for the cost of the project. 

August 2020 - Grace Chapel Church of Christ  We have partnered with GCCofC to find those in our community that needs help, and assists with that need. As of Nov 2020, we have partnered to help two elderly widows, one with a plumbing issue, and another with a full bath makeover, including a new hot water heater and new furnace for heat. You can learn more about their church by clicking the link above. 


October 2015 - James Hardie has agreed to assist HEHR with a siding project in Stone Mountain GA. This donation will allow us to completely reside her home with new, updated, pre colored siding, and have one more concern taken care of on her home. You may click on the link above to visit their website and learn more about their company.


October 2014 - Owens Corning joins the corporate sponsor team, donating needed supplies for two roof repairs here in the Atlanta area.


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