Bloom where you are planted

Hello, and welcome to the "Bloom where you are Planted" page. Our desire is to spread some love this spring to elderly recipients in the Forsyth county area. We have two dates planned, April 3rd and May 8th. These two days can celebrate the resurrection of Christ and show moms some appreciation. Please complete the information below to register as a "planter" or if you would like to nominate someone to receive flowers planted at their home. Please note, depending on the number of requests, we will do all we can to visit as many homes as possible, but cannot guarantee every request can be met. Participants can be of any age, as this event is designed to allow those that may not be able to assist when construction is taking place at a home. All "planters" will be required to complete a waiver of liability document, and all minors must be accompanied by an adult. All minors must have a waiver of liability completed by their parent or legal guardian. 

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